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Hi, please write to us at any time, but we may reply later due to time zone difference.  You can message us in the chat on the website, via email, or on Instagram.
We will definitely answer ❤️

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Yurkovska Yulia
+995 599 374 633
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Georgia, Tbilisi, 25 Micheil Tsinamgzrishvii
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329330068 Dmytro Sarancha (დმიტრო სარანჩა)
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Maybe the answers to your questions are here❤️


Size didn't fit

In order for you to fit the size, it is best to know it exactly. Our page will help you with this (Size Guide). You can also go to a jewelry store and they will tell you the correct size.

If, nevertheless, your order has arrived, and the size does not fit you, there are several options:
- go to a jewelry shop and ask to change the size. The size can be made larger or smaller.
- you can also give the jewelry to a person who likes it, and buy a suitable size for yourself.
- and the longest way, they will write to us, say "the size did not suit me" I want to replace. Then we will write you the address to which you will send the jewelry that did not fit, and we will send you the jewelry of the right size in response. But you pay for the repeated delivery yourself, both in our direction and from us.

I want to return(((

If for some reason you need to return an item:

- take a closer look, maybe you still like it, or you are in a bad mood and you need to look at it tomorrow.

- If you don't like it, we're sorry

- Our company policy allows you to make a return within 30 days if the jewelry looks like new, without scratches, dirt and defects.

- write to us in any convenient way (Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger, Mail), say "I want to make a return" and send your order number.

- we will send the address to which you need to make a return

- as soon as we receive the jewelry back, we will order a refund.

- we will notify you that we have accepted the return.

- and we will refund the entire amount, without the cost of delivery.

The order has not arrived yet

If 45 days have already passed and your order is still not delivered

- don't worry, any problem can be solved

- write to us (Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger, Mail) we will contact the delivery service from our side

- contact the delivery service in your country and specify the location of the order, usually it is the state mail

- if the parcel is lost, we will decide on an individual basis

I don't know my size

If you do not know your size, or the size of the person you want to give a gift to.

Your size:
- visit the page (sizing guide) and find your
- or on the same page (sizing guide) there is a way that will help you find out your size
- go to a jewelry store, they will tell you the right size
- if you have a ring of the right size, you can measure this ring and find out what you need

gift ring size:
- if possible, take the ring of the person you are preparing a gift for and go to this website, put the ring on the screen
- you can go to a jewelry store with a ring and ask them
- ask the relatives of the person for whom there will be a gift, who know for sure
- measure the inner diameter of the ring with a ruler, go to this page and find the right size

Jewelry was delivered damaged

If your order was delivered damaged

- don't worry, any problem can be solved)
- write to us (Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger, Mail) and send a photo of the damaged box and jewelry
- if it is the fault of the delivery service, we will decide on an individual basis

How to care for jewelry

Silver is a very soft metal and prone to scratches, dings and changing shape over time. Please remember about that.
We advise to take it off when you are caring heavy objects or bags, having a shower or washing hands with soap or any other chemicals.

Wear it carefully, do not band it, step or sit on it, don't drop it. Love your jewels and it will be beautiful and safe with you forever.

Silver also can become darker shade with time - polish it using special cloth or even toothpaste (but be careful to not put any chemicals on the stone, they don't like it)❤️