Boxette or International post

Boxette is a private international delivery service that cooperates with all countries except Russia. Here is their site

Lost parcels: 1 out of 17

Parcels returned: 0 out of 17

(data are current as of 027/01/2024).


Georgia Post is the usual international mail available in every country. Here is their site

Lost parcels: 0 out of 298

Parcels returned: 1 out of 298

(data are current as of 27/01/2024). 


Georgia Post


(+) pros:
(+) pros:

- Track number tracked immediately, as it should be

- Speed - parcels are sent to another country every 2 days.

- Price
(-) cons: (-) cons:
- Price

- The track number that we will send you will be tracked only when the parcel arrives in your country, after about 7-10 days. Until then, you will see that the parcel is still in the country of departure.

- Speed - parcels are sent to another country only on Fridays. Even if we send the parcel on Monday, it will only go to your country on Friday.